Courses at UTMSI

If you are interested in taking courses at the UT Marine Science Institute in Port Aransas, there are a variety of options for you in the upcoming spring. Look below for a description of these programs, as well as where you should go to find out more information about these courses.

For more information on the marine science institute, check out their website.

UPDATE: The deadlines to register or apply to some of these programs may have passed since the last time this page was updated. We will update this page every fall to reflect the application and registration process for Semester by the Sea and Intersession for the upcoming year. Contact your academic advisor for further advising questions.

Semester by the Sea

UPDATE: The Semester by the Sea 2022 application is now open and can be found here. It is due by Friday, October 29th, 2021.

If you are interested in spending an entire semester in Port Aransas studying marine science, you should apply to the Semester by the Sea program, which occurs every spring semester.

During Semester by the Sea, you will take 12 hours of marine science courses, along with a four hour research course (MNS 152R + MNS 370), in which you will work directly with a faculty member on an individual research project. This program is great for students in the Biology: Marine and Freshwater Sciences degree program, biology students getting the Marine Science certificate, and Environmental Science students as well. This is a great opportunity to have a unique, field-based experience, and you are likely to make connections that could be helpful for applying to graduate school or getting a better sense of your own career goals.

Courses Offered for Semester by the Sea 2022

  • Aquatic Microbiology (MNS 34E) with Dr. Brett Baker
  • Marine Environmental Science (MNS 354Q) with Dr. Kristin Nielsen
  • Marine Community Ecology (MNS 353) with Dr. Simon Brandl
  • Marine Policy (MNS 353) with Dr. Robert Dickey
  • Physiology of Fishes (MNS 355C) with Dr. Andrew Esbaugh
  • Marine Science Research and Reporting (MNS 152R) with Dr. Christopher Biggs
  • Special Studies in Marine Science (MNS 370) with Your Research Mentor!

If you are interested in this program and want more information on the costs and courses offered, you can find more information here or in the following file.

Note: If you are planning ahead on doing Semester by the Sea in the future, while it is not required, if you are able to, it is a good idea to try to take Biostatistics (SDS 328, or a similar statistics course), Marine Ecology (MNS 320), and Fundamentals of Marine Science (MNS 310). Many students have also taken these courses after their Semester by the Sea, so if you are not able to fit these courses in before, do not stress about it too much.

Video Linked Marine Science Courses

Along with intersession courses, all of the Semester by the Sea courses will be offered remotely via video link for the spring. For more information on these courses, talk to your advisor or check the course schedule for the upcoming semester here.

Intersession Courses (Maymester Courses)

If you are interested in taking field-based marine science courses in Port Aransas during the spring but cannot fit a whole Semester by the Sea in your degree plan, there will be two intersession courses offered during the Maymester period. These courses will take place almost entirely in Port Aransas during the intersession period from May 19th to June 2nd. These courses are heavily field-based, and they are a great way for students of any year (including Freshmen) who are interested in marine science to test the waters with some engaging, memorable courses.

The courses offered for the Summer 2021 intersession are listed below, and for more information on these courses and the cost of intersession, click here. To enroll in these courses, talk to your academic advisor and register for these courses as Summer 2021 courses.

Courses Offered for Semester by the Sea 2022

  • Microplastics in Coastal Environment (MNS 353) with Dr. Zhanfei Liu

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